Mandela Effects

courtesy of Wiki Commons

courtesy of Wiki Commons

Not déjà vu or even the loss of memory. Turns out you were always wrong, and others were right. The way you remember a certain thing was never that way. This is called The Mandela Effect.


The Mandela Effect is named after Nelson Mandela, who was a South African civil rights activist. You’re probably asking why is The Mandela Effect named after him?


According to, The Mandela Effect is named after him because many people remember him dying in the 1980s. People even remember seeing his funeral on television. He actually died in the year 2013, which leaves many mysteries behind. This is just the beginning of the told truth of what is known as The Mandela Effect.

Courtesy of Wiki Commons

If bizzare is what you call this, a Mandela Effect roaming in the air is the Kit-Kat Mandela Effect. Is it Kit-Kat or Kit Kat? Not much of a big difference but it sure is. Turns out it’s always been Kit Kat without a dash. The bizarre thing is, what explanation can be given to explain this random confusion. What has happened to our rememberance? Was it even true?


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?”


What a classic Snow White quote. A quote in which we have remembered wrong all along.


It’s always been, “Magic mirror on the wall, who now is the fairest one of all?”


Yes it’s a magical movie, but why say magic mirror when we know it’s magic? Why remember the first version vividly to be told we’re wrong? Why fight against something when the remembrance of it is so clear? The Mandela Effect has done its magic once again the same way the magic mirror has.


Looney Toons or Looney Tunes? Growing up and being the kid that would watch cartoons, Looney Toons was one of my favorite shows. But if I had to be corrected, it’s always been Looney Tunes. This is so strange because its characterization is the double o, but it’s tunes as in music.

Courtesy of Wiki Commons

There could be an explanation to this. According to, the reason why people remember it as Looney Toons, is because we’re confusing it with another cartoon show, Tiny Toons. But why would we not recognize the mistake, and continue to remember it as Looney Toons? It’s either a mistake that should be left alone, or just The Mandela Effect going to its act again.


Monopoly, such a classic game that has been around for years. The memories people have created playing the game of adventures, or may I say madness. The Monopoly man wearing its classic monocle representing the game with its vintage look.


Having no intent to break memories, but the Monopoly man has never worn a monocle. All those childhood days in which rage would arise because a Monopoly game was lossed, simply disappeared the same way the monocle never existed. All there is now is a piece of a puzzle missing due to The Mandela Effect taking it with the monocle.


The Statue of Liberty, a symbol representing liberty. The whole statue has always been the color green, not one spot being another color. For those who remember it that way, you’ve been wrong. The Statue of Liberty hasn’t always been fully green.


The torch of the Statue of Liberty has been the color gold since the 1980s. The bizarre thing is, people don’t remember the torch changing to gold. By all means, why would we not remember such a change to the symbol of liberty? Being the torch itself is a huge difference. The Mandela Effect has done a tremendous impact, and that could be taken as good or bad.


Even though things have changed and it’s difficult to find explanations, our rememberance will never change. Even if its been opposed to believe something it’s not used to believing.


This is the perfect moment to say, “Stay true to your beliefs.”