Some Do Not Understand



Some do not understand the word “Love”,
The power it withholds
When the 4 letter word seems to run out their mouth so carelessly
To the person they’re not sure of

Some do not understand the word “Happy”,
A common lie that’s thrown around
Like the old Barbie doll your father once gave you
But which is now sitting in the corner of your dimmed attic,
Next to the cobwebs,
Now irrelevant and meaningless

Some do not understand the words “I’m okay”,
Without seeing the pain
In their eyes
And the unspoken truth
Of what lies heavily
In their heart
Giving them the tendency,
To choke on their own words

Some do not understand the word “laughter”,
How easily it can be faked
And how easily,
It can be seen through
There’s a difference between
A cry for help and tears of joy

Some do not understand the struggle of loving yourself,
Nights spent crying a river
Over how much you loathe staring at your reflection
And wondering if you would ever be good enough

Some do not understand sleepless nights,
Laying in your bed, staring to the ceiling
Praying to God,
The dreadful demons in your room would disappear