2018-2019 MHS cheerleaders leave their mark at UIL competition


Lynda Ramos

MHS Cheer Team

There comes a time where we all will look back at our lives, whether that be now or ten years from now. From the point you enter high school adults say, “it’s going to be the best time of your life.” We will reminisce on the memories we experienced here:  the football games, pep rallies, basketball games, and even tennis. What will you remember? The touchdowns on the football field and hoops on the basketball courts will be on our players minds, but the school spirit we felt in the bleachers with our Moody High School family will be remembered by our cheer team. The fun we had cheering for our teams regardless of the score is what cheer is about. However, what would those games be like without our cheerleaders? Without our cheerleaders the student body wouldn’t have the motivation to yell “Lets go!” or stomp our feet in rhythm to create a harmony of school spirit to support the team. We need to highlight our cheerleaders, not only for keeping our school in a spirited harmony, but for the precedent they set this weekend. They placed thirteenth in the entire state,and became the first team from Moody High School to get to the finals. Only two teams from CCISD made it to finals and our team one of them! It was  this competition that made the hard work of our cheerleaders worth all the time that they put into our school and their routines at finals. This is a tremendous accomplishment that took a great deal of time. They deserve recognition because of how important this weekend was for the MHS cheer team. Our cheerleaders carried the Trojan pride with them every step of the way. It was Captain Terrion Frank, Co Captain Bianca Gallegos as well as Coach Lynda Ramos who sacrificed their time to practice and to eventually lead the team of 25 Moody students to finals.

“To be the best, you have to beat the best,” Terrion Frank said in the most humbling fashion.

Cheer Captain Terrion has only positive things to say about every member of the team, highlighting that each member brings their game when they need to and is essential to their success. For some members, this is their first time being in cheer.  They started off not knowing much about what cheer actually is and becoming someone who can mentor future cheerleaders. This is what Moody is about: bringing the fighting Trojan spirit and raising the standard. The prediction for next year is that the new members of cheer will keep up the drive that the senior members instilled in them. The team has a fresh taste of finals and understand the hard work it takes to continue this for years to come.

“The team is very opened minded and not afraid to try new things, this helps a lot. Some members are not afraid to turn it on when it’s game time,” said Terrion Frank.

Another essential member of the team is Coach Lynda Ramos. The whole team thanks her for inspiring the hard work that she brings out of every member. She is a dedicated coach who leaves no member behind in her words of inspiration.

Co-Captain Bianca Gallegos stated in an interview, “She has taught me so much about cheer and about life in general. Over the four years she has told me to try my hardest no matter what.”

In the UIL competition on January 18th, cheer members can be seen coming out strong and representing our school with their blue, gold and white uniforms. They have served this school well and we salute our Moody High School Cheer Team.