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On December 22, 2018 the United States government entered a shutdown after disputes between Democrats and Republicans about border security hit an impasse.

A government shutdown is when government offices do not receive the proper funding needed to run. The lack of funding occurs when there is a delay in approval for the federal budget, or when both the Democratic and Republican sides refuse to agree on something that will cause a major impact. The shutdown ends when both parties can reach a compromise.

During a government shutdown, most government offices will shut down. Some may continue to run but they will work without pay. The shutdown affects over nine different government agencies including the departments of Homeland Security, Agriculture, Interior State, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Treasury, Commerce, and Justice.


The United States government has been shut down for over a month.


The dispute started when President Trump requested $5.7B in order to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. The Democratic Party did not agree with his request.

Originally Trump had planned to make the Mexico government pay for the wall, as he had stated during his Presidential announcement speech in June of 2015.

“I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall,” President Trump stated.

He has since denied saying that Mexico would pay for the wall and stated that he “obviously didn’t mean it”.

The Democratic Party has since tried to stop, or at least stall the funding and building of aforementioned wall. They have presented Trump with two bills that would hopefully end this impasse. The first bill includes six spending measures that will fund governmental offices through September. The second bill would provide Homeland Security with $1.3B of funding through February 8th, including funding for a fence but not enough for the wall that Trump is planning to build.

Trump has since refused both of these bills and is continuing to push for the wall he so dearly wants. This has led many to believe that he is not going to let up any time soon and we will continue to be in a shutdown until he gets said wall.

According to The Hill, as of January 24th,  the Democratic Party had tried to pass another bill, one that would reopen the government without funding for Trump’s wall. The bill once again failed as it didn’t get enough votes losing out 54-44, needing only 60 points to pass.

The problem is no longer about border security, but about the current 800,000 government workers who are without work or pay.

Since the shutdown affects most government facilities and freezes their funding, over 800,000 government workers are not receiving any pay. These workers did not receive payment for the month of January and it is starting to show.

According to Fox 26 Houston, many Federal workers are flocking towards government funded help such as SNAP Benefits, which supplies over 46.3 million american with assistance.

The SNAP benefits help low-income Americans and provides them with vouchers for groceries. The people who recieve the benefits get them every month and use it as way to feed their families and stay afloat. As of January 20th all applicants with receive the February benefits over 3 weeks early, and there is no telling if the department of Agriculture will have enough funding left for the month of March.

If the shutdown does not come to an end soon, the consequences could be disastrous. Millions of Americans will be left with no way to feed their families. The Department of Agriculture currently does not have enough funding for the month of February and over 15 Million Americans will experience a delay a 10 day delay for February benefits. Many of these Americans have families to feed, but will not have a way to do so.

Alongside the chance that funding will run out for the Department of Agriculture, tax refunds are also starting to get delayed for many Americans.

Both of these are very calamitous consequences that Americans have to deal with with the current state of our federal government.

With the shutdown dragging out for over a month, that means that government workers will miss another paycheck for another month.

Among the shutdown, according to Washington Post,  protests have begun to break out with the latest taking place outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office. Dozens of protesters were arrested on January 23, 2019 in front of his office.

McConnell has blocked any bills to reopen the government over 4 times. He has blocked a bill to reopen the government and a bill to give Homeland Security funding through February 8th.

President Trump has tried to make a compromise, but one that would give him what he wants. He has stated that he will provide “Dreamers”, children brought to the United States without their consent, with protection in exchange for funding for his wall.

The Democratic party was fast to reject the proposal, which would have protected thousands of children from being deported.

President Trump has stated that he will give a State of the Union speech that will address all of the recent activity, but the speech was delayed due to conflicting opinions.

With the shutdown going on for over a month, many do not know what to expect, and neither party is looking to back down anytime soon. Many are not sure what is going to come in future months, but what we do know is that if it goes on for much longer than the consequences can and will be disastrous.

Thousands of government workers are forced to work without pay. Thousands of families are left without a way to feed their families, and if worse comes then millions may be left without healthcare.

While many are telling Senate to just give in and build the wall, they refuse to back down and are trying to pursue a course of action that will reopen the government without giving President Trump funding for the wall.

As of January 25th, President Trump announced that he has made a deal to end the shutdown and pay all government workers who were without. However, he has stated that he will put the government under shutdown again if he does not get funds for the wall.

With this latest information that has come to light, people are still unsure of what the future will hold.

After many restless night the 2019 Government Shutdown finally ended on January 24th after congress was able to come to an agreement that benefited both parties.