Basketball: More Than Just A Game


Destiny Sada

Basketball may seem like just a sport to many, but for senior Devin Neal it’s an escape from the negative things. “Basketball has helped my struggles; it keeps me out of trouble and away from my fears.” This year, Devin was faced with the biggest challenge of his life: hearing about his sister diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Instead of abandoning his team, it pushed him to succeed more in life and basketball. “She loves watching me play. It makes me a better person and an exceeding big brother.” During games, Devin strives to beat the odds and help lead the team, as well as being a great role model. “Devin is the most responsible student I have. We all have things on our plate, and the balance that he shows in school as well as effort makes him a very special individual,”said coach Gerald Garcia. January 25, 2019 is a very special night for our basketball team and for Devin and his family. The team has put together a fundraiser to benefit his little sister by selling shirts and ribbons. If you are interested in helping, contact one of the basketball players to purchase a t-shirt.