Lady Trojan Varsity Spotlight: Sylvia Ozuna


Karla Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The Moody High School Lady Trojan basketball team started the season with a bang. Sylvia Ozuna  is one of several sophomores on the varsity team . In her years of playing basketball, the highest number of points she dropped was  when she was in 7th grade at Cunningham Middle School. She dropped a whopping 36 points. “Basketball has taught me to be consistent and dedicated,” said Ozuna. Her biggest supporter is Coach Nerios. Nerios “ does whatever she can ” to help Sylvia through any challenges she faces throughout basketball season. Making her coach and teammates proud of her, as they continuously compliment her and verbally encourage her to do better is what drives Ozuna to do the best she can on and off the court. In addition to being a star on the court, she is also a part of the esteemed Health Science Academy, where she is met with challenging Pre-AP and AP courses and rigorous health science courses. With that, Ozuna is paving a path of success and college hopes in the years to come.