What’s stressing our teens out?

Photo from Stock Snap

Photo from Stock Snap

Jayleen Vera, Staff Writer

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Stress can affect teens in many ways, and sometimes they have no clue how to lower their stress levels. Too much stress can cause serious harm, but despite that, it still seems to be continuously overlooked and not taken as seriously as it should be. After digging deeper, I realized that school isn’t the only factor in stress. In fact, there is so much more. Kids at school have jobs, and in some cases, they have little ones and family members to care for. While some kids have to work hard to afford basic necessities, others might not have to. Of course, there is always more than what meets the eye, so it’s no surprise that most of these kids keep their stress hidden and locked away. I’ve found that keeping stress hidden can also cause more problems, such as anxiety, sleep deprivation, and depression. Many teenagers unknowingly suffer from mental health issues, and packing it on with stress will not do them any better. To help my fellow teens cope with stress, I’ve gone ahead and looked into a few ways as to how it can be managed.. Of course, these tips may not work for every student, but what matters is that you try it out and find what suits your needs. One tip I found, from https://www.skillsyouneed.com/ps/stress-tips.html, was to talk to someone. Talking to a trusted individual and allowing yourself to vent can help release some of that pent-up frustration, and, for the most part, almost everyone has someone they depend on and can go to when needed. For those who don’t, another great tip I found would be to organize your life. This tip was found on https://www.foxnews.com/health/10-ways-to-relieve-stress-naturally, and I think it’s amazing for teens who need some control and management. Keeping your life and workspace tidy can help us more than we could possibly imagine. As stated before, these two tips I have provided might not work for everyone. People are different in every way, and there is an abundance of other ways you could help cool your stress level. And remember, if stress ever gets too much, we have plenty of teachers, staff members, and counselors who are willing to and guide you with other mechanisms to ease your stress.