A Review: Joji

Photo from Youtube.com

Photo from Youtube.com

Kayla Duran, Staff Writer

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George Miller, better known as Joji, is a pop artist and former Youtuber who is underrated in today’s music. Not many people have really heard of his music. He doesn’t stand out to a lot of people because his music and videos are really unique. Joji recently came out with his new album called Ballads 1 just a few weeks ago. This album has a total of 12 songs that features one of his older songs, “Slow Dancing in the Dark”. Most people who listen to him really enjoy this album, including me. You can hear the hurt in his voice when he sings, and I really enjoy that. He’s such a genuine person when it comes to his music, and you can tell he worked extremely hard on each and every song. Every song he’s made has a story to tell, whether it’s sad, depressing, or about love. All of his songs hit deep in the heart. I recommend this album to anyone and everyone who has a love for heartfelt music.