OBJ, a love for the game football…or just a diva?


Photo from NBC Sports

Gabriel Garza, Sports Editor

Recently in the NFL, there has been a recurring topic of discussion. Despite the Giants having a 5-8 record on the  season, their headlines aren’t filled with changes they can make to improve this. Instead, there filled with questions asking why their star player, Odell Beckham Jr., keeps on lashing/acting out on the Giants sideline; and in the media. Throughout the last 2 years, the Giants have experienced mediocre seasons, racking in a total of 6 wins. OBJ has been one of their few bright spots. However, he’s also been one of their greatest distractions. As the team experiences more and more losses, OBJ has shown more and more frustration. He has punched sideline equipment, kicked kicker nets down, thrown coolers, yelled at coaches/fans, and even called out his own teammates’ lack of passion. Some say these acts are out of passion, love for the game, and hatred of losing; and others say that it’s a burden on the team, stupidity, and attention seeking. Personally, I would say that OBJ has been playing with this drive and passion since 19 years old. OBJ absolutely hates to lose, there is no other way to put it. Whatever it took to win, OBJ did it. However, people like Mr.Galindo feel a different way. In an interview I did with our assistant principal, he explained to me that OBJ should try a different way of approaching the game. “I feel that you need players with passion, players who love the game, but the passion needs to be constructive, rather than destructive”, Mr.G said. I had the opportunity to ask him how Odell doing these things publicly could affect relationships around him. “I feel like exemplifying outburst on the sideline, and expressing his feelings to the media is a coward way of doing things. I feel like if OBJ has a problem with anyone or anything, he should handle that man to man, face to face”, Mr.G said. Finally, I had the chance to ask him if OBJ being such a global sensation, and the star player of his team, affects how people view his actions. “The antics he is doing are being considered a nuisance to the team because of their lack of success. If the outburst causes positivity, and gets every riled up and ready to go and win every game, no one complains. But if his actions are taking place while the team is losing, the views and the opinions about his actions, will continue to take a turn for the worse”, said Mr.G. It was an interesting input. We sat and thought about how the greatest players of all time all had their own respective outburst, but their actions always produced major success. In contrast, Odell is having his outburst, while his team is tremendously unsuccessful. At the end of the day, winning fixes everything, and I feel that if the Giants were successful, OBJ wouldn’t get as much criticism as he does. Love isn’t always pretty, no matter what the love is for. In this case, OBJ is showing that to be true.