Trojan Basketball: For the love of the game


Destiny Cruz-Sada and Gabriel Garza

The Moody Varsity basketball team, ranging from freshmen through seniors, have started with a bang. The Trojans have showed tremendous effort and passion for basketball. The first district game against Veterans Memorial High School ended with a Trojan victory, and catapulted the team’s hope for a successful season. “I’m not afraid to put my body on the line for my team”, senior Jason Santillana said. Santillana has proven that strength is an advantage, as he scored 19 points, mostly in the paint, during the first district game.

Jason is one of many on the team who shares this passion for the upcoming season.”

Nathaniel Sada, freshman starter, is a testament to the brotherhood of the team. Sada has a close bond with fellow teammates, originating from his time playing with his teammates in AAU tournaments and even neighborhood pick-up games. “I grew up playing with my brothers since I was younger,” Sada said. It is this team chemistry and love for the game that will help carry the Trojans to many achievements and conquered goals.