Dr. Clement: More Than a Principal


Angel Garza, Contributing Writer

Seven years ago, Foy H. Moody High School was in its 2nd year of being labeled academically unsuccessful. Little did we know, there was a special change in front of us. That change, Dr. Sandra Clement, is Moody’s loving and proud principal. Now in her 7th year, Dr. Clement has proven that she is not just simply a principal, but she is an inspiration to the entire community.

       The moment she steps in the building, the entire school lights up; the moment she steps out, the entire campus severely dims. Dr. Clement has set such a high standard for her students at Moody High School, and the students have indeed delivered. After her arrival, academic achievement shot through the roof.  That is one of the small things she has done for this school

        Growing up Clement had the support of her grandparents who told her to always be kind and always to fight for what is right. Growing up hearing this, she was built to inspire big groups of people, built to inspire an environment of people. And her inspirations are being recognized; her picture was chosen to be put on the side of a Corpus Christi RTA bus along with others being labeled as a Hispanic leaders. The American GI Forum of Corpus Christi named Dr. Clement an influential Hispanic leader. A representative did not interview her, but she was chosen by a representative of the GI Forum that became inspired and moved by her social media posts. This is where she keeps up with all school functions and makes sure everyone is informed about announcements.

         Dr. Clement has gone above and beyond for the school and for the community. She hasn’t put in so many hours just to see fame, or be recognized by any of the committees or groups in the area; she has done all this for the love and passion of her students, her staff, and her community. Clement said “Sometimes everyone has to be a janitor, sometimes everyone has to be a teacher. As long as we do what we can to help out and make the better place, that’s all I worry about.” This shows the love she has for not only her students, but people as a whole.


       Not only does she love the students, but the students indeed love her too. The oddly fun tardy captures she calls, the dances at the games she joins in on, even the pep rallies where you can feel her spirit overcome the crowded gymnasium. The students see all this and it instantly creates a majestic smile, a proud feeling that lies in the students. John Commisky, a junior at Moody High School says

“She tells us she loves us, and that is definitely true. You can feel that love as soon as you enter the school.””

— John Commisky

        Dr. Sandra Clement is a true icon that has left a permanent mark on her students and her staff. Over and over she has proven why she is one of the best to do what she does. It takes more than a simple person to have achieved what she has. Dr. Clement is more than a principal, she is more than just Moody High School, she is a true and definite inspiration that will continue to inspire for years to come.

Rain or shine, Dr. Clement is ready for school!