“Africa” by Toto – Review

Africa by Toto - Review

Michelle Ramirez, Editor in Chief

A classic song from the 80s and associated song with memes, “Africa” by Toto gained popularity with its funky synth sounds that stop many to enjoy the little known lyrics they remember. What really makes this 4 minutes and 55 seconds musical masterpiece so enjoyable for me though? Is it the constant advertisement of “Africa by Toto played on a rubber chicken” on YouTube that captivates me? Is it the actual craft of the welcoming and nostalgic beats that makes it so catchy? Or is it merely a bandwagon that I witness through Millenials on Twitter or YouTube?

Perhaps it’s all.

Perhaps I do bless the rains down in Africa.

Perhaps I do bless the rains down in Africa.”

“Africa” by Toto was written by keyboard player, David Paich, and drummer, Jeff Porcaro. In 2013, Paich revealed to Musicradar that he wrote the song to reminiscence about a continent he has never been to. In essence, his nostalgic retelling of a continent he fantasized about living in makes the song compelling.

Overall, for me, it’s the infinite synth sounds that loop throughout the song that have me bopping my head only the shout the lyrics off key.

Of course, the many that are oddly obsessed with this catchy tune like me are merely drawn to the song due to its pop culture popularity. How can someone as young as I am be aware of the song on their own? “Africa” made its debut in 1983, leaving it to be enjoyed by a generation that discovered it through “auto play” on YouTube or memes on Twitter and Reddit.

Nonetheless, there is no shame in being captivated by a song that is looked upon as art. Surely future generations will listen to “Africa” by Toto and be reminiscent of blessing the rains down in Africa.