Corpus Christi Art Walk

Get Creative at the Art Walk!

Alyssa Ramirez, Contributing Writer

On the first Friday of every month, the Marina Arts district has an art walk at La Retama park, located in the heart of Corpus Christi.

The Marina Arts district is an art-centered district in downtown Corpus Christi. The park is filled with artists that show off their beautiful and inspiring artwork and musicians that sample their amazing songs and play their heart out. There is live music to dance along with and several food trucks serving up Texas fare in case you get a bit hungry. If you are interested in being an art vendor or a musician you can find more information on the Mariana Arts website. Another perk of attending the art walk is you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of downtown Corpus Christi by walking down “the Bayfront”, affectionately called by citizens of Corpus Christi. You can bring your family, friends, and even your pets. The art walk is an event that you definitely do not want to miss! Come watch La Retama park and all of downtown come to life.