Living in the past


Photo from Wiki Commons

Stephanie Mendez, Staff Writer

Reincarnation, something that may sound impossible. How could it be that you’ve been born once again? How could it be that you have memories of stuff  that you did, but you don’t seem to remember doing them? How could you relate to an event, or specific items?


Reincarnation is the rebirth of a soul in a new body. Not specifically you were born again in the same body, but your soul was. Which is why you connect to the past, because your soul was once there.

I myself have a strongly connection to the past. I prefer music from the 1920s to the late 1950s. I don’t connect to the music from this generation, but only some songs. I seem to remember the full lyrics to songs by Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, The Chordettes, Ruth Etting, and so on. My dream car is the 1957 Volkswagen Beetle which seems ages ago, but I relate to that car. I once had a dream about driving that car, and I absolutely adore it.

There’s some people that may not believe in reincarnation, and that’s okay. Beliefs are beliefs and people could believe in anything that they want. That’s why I asked two students at Moody High School the following questions. Maybe their beliefs are different than mine?

Wanting to remain anonymous, I asked a freshman at Moody High School: Do you believe in the idea of people having a past life? They said, “I totally agree on the idea of people having a past life. They could relate to things and swear to have done something, but they haven’t. Relating to an object, but they don’t know why.”

According to, the reason why we can’t simply remember our past life is because the passage of time. A trauma could have occurred, and you block it. Now you know the answer to why you could be scared of something, but you don’t why know because nothing bad has happened.

I asked Sarah Gonzalez, a freshman at  Moody High School: Do you believe that you’ve had a past life? She responded, “I think we all had a past life, therefore leading to my belief that I too had one. Although, I have yet to find any signs or recall any memories from the past that serve as evidence.”

Little kids remembering their past life. Speaking about history that they haven’t even learned about, or saying things that sound so strange. In the year 1994, Oprah Winfrey did an interview with a girl named Sarah Bowman. She was always afraid of fires. She saw herself as the age of 11 or 12, and she lived in a farmhouse about one hundred years ago. She saw herself getting up one night and seeing smoke everywhere. She was on the second floor, so she was panicked. She ran through the hall, and the only escape was down the staircase to the front of the house. She went to look for her parents, but they weren’t there. Her gown had caught on fire, and she dropped on the floor and started rolling. She does not remember the rest because she had died.

That’s just one story out of a million. You could also reincarnate to an animal. You could have memories of being a dog or a cat, or the simple action of having a great bond with a specific animal.

We can’t be a new soul, there’s no way. Our soul has transferred to another. Now you could have the idea of why you love cars from back in the day, or why you’re scared of something, or why you have a memory of something that you did but you don’t seem to remember. Maybe the quote “I’m in the wrong era,” is true because our soul was once in that era.