Why we procrastinate and how to stop


Azalia Ramirez, Staff Writer

As much as we would like to think otherwise, the fact of the matter is that we all procrastinate. Sometimes it’s mundane things like checking off chores from your list or starting a new hobby, but often it’s the bigger things like school or work assignments.

Of course there is always the excuse which differs from subject to subject but stays relatively the same. Today just isn’t the right time. Too busy. Too broke. Too stressed. Too inexperienced. Too old. Too young. And on occasion these excuses are valid, but more often that they are just excuses that we make because we would rather be doing other things.

And this is where people get confused. It is often believed to be laziness that causes procrastination. This is sometimes true but it can also be caused by fear or just the lack of willingness to get the task done.

Some strategies to help end procrastination

Write down your goal and give yourself a deadline. A goal without a deadline can be put off indefinitely.

Break your goal into small pieces. Depending on how big your goal is, it can quickly become overwhelming. So if your goal feels daunting, break it into manageable, bite-sized steps. Remember, you don’t have to know every step of the way, just the next few steps immediately ahead. Your next steps will become obvious as you move along.

Build accountability.  Enlist a support team, an accountability partner or, recruit your own Personal Board of Advisers to help keep you focused and on track. Set up a time to check-in regularly and let them know ways in which they can help. For instance, to remind you of past accomplishments, and why you set about making these changes in the first place.

Reward progress. Set up a reward system to ensure you celebrate progress and small successes as you go along. Whether it’s a fun activity with friends, or a treat for yourself, make it something that acknowledges your progress and effort.