Movie Review-Ralph Breaks the Internet

Lorenna Fuentes, Staff Writer

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Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Wreck it Ralph, is a Fantasy/Adventure film that can be seen in theaters everywhere for an average of $6. It portrays the true meaning of friendship; no bond can be broken if you trust that your friends will be by your side, no matter what obstacles or decisions come in the way. In addition, the movie shows that the internet is taking over our lives which proves that we need to act upon it because just like a virus, there are bad things that come with it. I was able to relate to these messages personally and was even touched by the friendship aspect. Throughout the movie, there was just enough detail and the characters were portrayed perfectly. The idea of going into the internet and attacking certain games, along with the bond of friendship is such an original idea and over all it had a great emotional appeal. Although, during some parts, the internet aspect was so overwhelming that the message was sometimes lost and the storyline would go off track. The fact that Ralph was too dependent and clingy was so repetitive it sometimes became a bore. Nonetheless, the creators did a fantastic job on making a sequel. Like Wreck It Ralph, this movie shows that even the bad guys are willing to help and be there for their friends in need. Ralph Breaks the Internet shows more detail than Wreck It Ralph, but the creativity was never lost. This movie was definitely a hit and I find it remarkable that it made $84.5 million in the box office in just five days. It was heartwarming and a great family film. I would 8/10 recommend it to anyone, children or adult, so they can have the same beautiful tear-jerking experience that I did.