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It’s Christmas morning and you’re waiting for your parents to open your door to tell you it’s time. In the meantime, every possible question is going through your head. How many gifts are there? Did Santa eat my cookies? Did I get the new Barbie with two quick-changing outfits that I asked Santa for? What if I get a special present from an elf? Did Santa drink the eggnog we left out? When is it time to open presents ?!

Getting gifts didn’t feel like a big deal as a kid. You got to tell Santa what you wanted or write him a letter and then everything just magically appeared under the tree. Having gifts under the tree felt so satisfying. Every day was something new under the tree while the excitement grew. Now as we have grown up, it feels different. It’s different now because when we’re asked “ what do you want for Christmas?” We can’t truly and honestly answer that question or else we’re disrespectful. Now it’s always so complicated. When asked if money is appropriate or not for a gift, junior Shelby Morales said “It can be if your parents or grandparents put effort into your gift and you just ask for money,”.Not only is it difficult for us to say what we honestly want, sometimes we don’t even know. “ I honestly have no idea what I want, but at the same time I want so much,” said sophomore Gabriella Recio. She also said “ one second I want light blue crocs, but then the next second I want certain lashes that look good on me,”. As we got older, things just got so much more expensive. It’s hard to say you want something with it being $200. “ I love the presents my parents get me for Christmas, but for the past couple years it’s been hard. Next time they ask me what I want I’m saying I want a Time Machine,” said freshman Caroll Flores. I know most teens now love the presents we get from our family members, but its just not the same when we were younger. Being aware of money and how it works has a big effect on it. It makes us aware of what we should ask for and pay attention to the cost of it.So it’s kinda hard to ask for something when we want something expensive. Christmas has its joys and will always be fun, but I know that most of us would give anything to go back to a time where we got the new razor scooter that would chop our ankles. Where we would be so excited on Christmas morning and run to the living room and see the presents there and think Santa came.