Thanksgiving: Essential or Pointless?


From Wikicommons database

What is the point of spending days preparing for an extravagant meal that is inhaled in under thirty minutes, and just to be left with the burden of cleaning it all up afterward? Many people consider Thanksgiving to be a tiresome holiday, which in actuality it’s just a buffer for Halloween and Christmas. The origin of Thanksgiving doesn’t even correlate with how it’s celebrated today.

The origin of Thanksgiving

 According to Thanksgiving 2021, the first Thanksgiving that took place in 1621, consisted of the Plymouth colonists (Pilgrims) and the Wampanoag Native Americans, they shared a feast because it was the Pilgrims’ first successful harvest in the New World. Over time, the interpretation of Thanksgiving has changed, now the point of the holiday is to give thanks and appreciate all that you have, which is a nice gesture. However, the stress that comes along with the holiday, in my opinion, just isn’t reasonable to willingly put yourself through that.

Who actually enjoys Thanksgiving?

If you’re thinking to yourself right now “I do, what is wrong with this Thanksgiving Grinch?”  I can elaborate; some families can’t afford to cook an entire meal, or some people don’t even have a family to spend the day with, or some do but they can’t because either their family isnt the best or they’re too far away to come see. Other than the fact that students get an entire week off, what else is really to love about the holiday, besides the food obviously. 


The holidays are meant to be a heartfelt time where you enjoy the company of your family and friends but as time has passed and things change so has the way people celebrate them and I feel as if everyone has forgotten the true meaning of Thanksgiving. People get so wrapped up in trying to perfect every little thing that they forget to sit down and actually relax, there’s no need to put unnecessary stress on yourself. On Thursday, when you’re surrounded by the chaos of your family being in one house, take a second to soak it in and appreciate them and everything else you’ve been fortunate enough to be given. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!