The class you’ve been missing out on!


Leah Caballero

Mr. Paul Fuentes

 Have you ever wanted to play guitar, but you were really afraid to learn? No need to be afraid anymore! You will start by taking guitar class, and the instructor will help you every step of the way. This is the class you’ve been missing out on! 


  1. Who is the instructor and how long has he been teaching? 

The instructor’s name is Paul Fuentes and is currently in his 7th year at Moody High School. He’s been playing classical guitar for a good nineteen years and has very good experience. In May of 2013, Paul received a Bachelors in Music Performance from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi studying under Philip Hii. As a college student, he competed in competitions receiving top honors and participated in many master classes with the likes of Manuel Barrueco. 


  1. What do you learn in guitar class? 

The class is actually broken down into four levels. The level one is the beginner class. The level one class is all about reading music, learning the basics and an introductory course to guitar. At the end of the year though, students are supposed to play a little audition piece in order to get into the level two class. The level two class is about where we left off from level one with the exception of doing concerts and competitions. Then soon after that, the class gets into the mastery classes; level three and four.  


  1. What is the future of the guitar program at Moody? 

The future of the program is probably going to be in relation to the middle school program. Currently this year, they have started a guitar program at Cunningham at South Park Middle School. This was the first time that it has been offered in a middle school. So the plan is to have students start guitar at the middle school and that would carry the students over straight to high school. So in the freshman year of high school, they could go into the mastery classes (level three and four).

 I hope you choose this class! I promise you, you won’t regret it!