Our World Through Our Eyes


The Mighty Trojan Band has been hard at work since the summer preparing for an eye-catching show and songs to put you in the Moody spirit. Not only is this a new experience for freshmen, but also the sophomores.  Even though we haven’t been on the field since 2019, the band has shown we can push through anything and help each other out to make an amazing comeback. 

While we can only see the outcome of all the practice they have done, it can leave you to wonder, firsthand, what goes through the eyes of a band student? 

“I feel that it is definitely a hard thing to stick to and there are some days I just wanna sleep and skip practice but I think about everyone else and think about how they are working as hard if not twice as hard as me and that only makes me want to go and work harder,” said freshman Issac Garcia. Many hours of practice each week, memorizing music and marching sets is what every band student faces each week. During said practices, comes many different experiences. “How I feel about being a section leader is quite an honor to me. Taking charge and trying to help my section out as much as I can gives me motivation to better us. There are some downsides to it though, because you feel like everything is on your shoulders weighing you down. It’s alright though because I know my section can pull it though, and get stronger as the days go on making it easier for me,” said senior Alfredo Garcia.


With all of this hard work from everyone, it’s finally time to show it off on Friday. As the stands begin to fill up and the football team is getting ready to make their grand entrance, excitement definitely builds up within the band.  “I just want the game to start so we can play because you get all excited, and start to feel an adrenaline rush,” exclaimed junior Jose Reyna. “‘Cove and Tusk’ are the ones I get really excited to play because they both incorporate the whole band playing different parts that when mashed up together make a beautiful piece to play,” says Issac. Not only does the band have a variety of songs lined up to play during the game, they also have dances that no band member ever wants to miss out on. “My favorite dance has to be around the world. It’s fun to see how dizzy we are after the constant spinning and it makes me happy to see the freshmen we have in our section to be so involved as they enjoy themselves,” said sophomore Yasmine Asebedo. Hearing that it’s time to come down from the stands is the time where all students feel a mix of emotions but are also encouraged and supported by each other to try their best. 


“You gotta keep your eyes forward and you have to see if you’re in line with people, you can’t turn your head so it’s kinda nerve racking but also once you get into the groove it’s kinda relaxing,” said sophomore Nichole Ortiz. 


With all the attention on the band to hear this year’s marching show ‘Our World,’ by Luke McMillan, it’s time to be taken on a journey through the dark sounding tones and brightness it offers at the end. There is never a dull moment, being met with visuals and more sets being added into the show as it’s continued being worked on. When the show comes to an end, it’s an exhausting time for the band, but they are always reassured that no matter how the show went, they should be proud of how they did. 

Looking more behind the scenes, we get to hear what makes being in band memorable and about how friendships are formed. “It’s been an adventure for sure, the first day of summer band I had no idea what I was doing and only knew one person, but it got better and now I have a great group of friends and know almost everyone in the band,” said Issac. Everyone means something to each other and that is a reason the band never wanted to be missed out on by students. “It’s been memorable, our friend group got bigger,” said Krystal Hernandez. With most students being in band since middle school, this year just adds even more amazing memories that makes band so special.  “ Band has been memorable for me since the start of sixth grade. I had no idea that this journey would come all the way to my senior year, and maybe more. All the friendships, trips, laughs, tears, sweat, smiles, and all have been a crazy ride. All these things really made me who I am today, and I would never go back to change it,” said Alfredo. 

With more to come from the band, comes more memories and stories to tell. This is only the beginning of a new chapter in our world.