Don’t Stress: Tips for a stress-free school year


With school starting up again, everything is so stressful. Although we can’t go to each and every one of your brains and put a no stress spell on you, we can give you tips on how to cope with stress.

Calming playlist 

Now, I know we all have a good playlist where we sing like we’re having a concert with hand motions as a microphone and everything. This playlist is different though.  A big part of our stress as students is studying and school. If you are anything like the person I am, you like music to  study . Part of that for me  is finding a good playlist to help me think and get my brain going but also keeping me calm. There are all kinds of playlists that are calming. It could be a calming guitar playlist. Or a lofi mix. Regardless of what kind of calming music it is, it is helping you.


Getting enough sleep

This  is an important one. I know it is hard to go to sleep when you go down the whirlpool of tiktok and social media, but at some point you need to sleep. You should try to get at least eight hours of sleep. It is difficult when there is school work, sports, extracurricular activities, and a job, but sleep is important! You start to get distracted  and it gets difficult to focus on things. The moral of the story is try to get sleep!

Don’t procrastinate

Sometimes all the assignments and tasks we have to complete in a day don’t get done, but we have to try to not keep pushing it back. By the time we realize we have English, math, and history due by 11:59 on Friday night. The faster you can get assignments done the better. Prioritize the assignments that are due sooner and take time to do those  first. It’s easier to watch a Netflix show over and over again, but it’s not as fun when you have a deadline hanging over your head. 

Think positive

It’s so hard to be positive about life and everything in it when you have to study all the time and have every assignment in by midnight, but try to be positive when you can. Instead of telling yourself you know you’re going to fail, tell yourself that you can do better and know you can do it. Set yourself up for success and continue that success with positivity. Not everything is going to end up good. There are going to be some things that are going to be negative, but you just have to take it one step at a time with positivity. 


Learn deep breathing strategy


Another helpful tip is deep breathing. Learning different breathing patterns to allow yourself to take a deep breath and feel in control  of your life. There are multiple techniques you can try and see if they work for you! There is something called mindful breathing where you follow the rhythms of your breath. There is another technique where you count the seconds of breathing in hold for 5 seconds then repeat breathing out. The point is that your brain is trying to count and remember the counts and it takes away anything  that is going on in that moment. 


Staying organized 

Being organized is one of the easiest things to do. Instead of seeing a due date right before its due, set a reminder and have it written down. Don’t finish doing work until everything is crossed out and done. Writing down everything and visualizing what you have to do helps you play out those tasks physically. It doesn’t take a lot of time to plan out the week or the next couple days so you have a set plan to accomplish.



I know it’s hard to try to apply these different strategies to reduce stress, but if it’s something that helps you just try! We are all just trying to survive this year, so just try to apply at least one. Make sure you play the right playlist and avoid having a concert until after your assignments  done or you are in the shower with the shampoo bottle.