Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Garcia

Mr. Garcia, an outstanding teacher and coach at Foy H. Moody High School knows exactly how to switch up any regular day of class into a fun one.

He received his bachelors from Texas A&M in science in kinesiology and started teaching biology in 2005, he has now been teaching for 15 years. On top of that, he is also an assistant coach for football and the head coach of boys basketball. “He was pretty cool, cool with all the students and cared about everyone,” said senior Christopher Vela.

With all the trouble of this school year being different, it can be nice to have a teacher that brings fun to learning and communicates with students. There is never a day I notice he didn’t make someone laugh. He has patience when helping students with assignments and is ready to help when students need it after. His helpfulness together with his encouragement has made me a better student by making me feel motivated to keep up with my assignments. 

Jess Vela