Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Garza

Gabriella Recio


With teacher appreciation coming up we want to praise outstanding teachers and staff, and I  immediately thought about Mrs. Garza.


 Mrs. Garza teaches Principles of Health Science to freshmen and Medical Terminology to sophomores. She is an outstanding teacher that never fails to bring positive energy to her students. Mrs Garza is a teacher that you can feel safe talking to and know that she will always be there to listen. She makes sure to treat you like a professional she knows you will become one day, but also care for you in ways a normal teacher wouldn’t. 


¨I always call them by name, greet them with a smile, treat them with respect, and get to know them a little bit along the way,¨ said teacher Mrs Garza. 


 We always do notes in Health Science; that’s how you learn. We start the class writing them , talk about it, and then take time to do the assignment or finish the notes. On one specific day though, she told us a story. It was a story about a boy who was just struggling to find happiness and a purpose. He just needed someone to check on him and be there for him.  It was an emotional story for her and for us as her students, but she told us .


After that,  we went out into breakout groups just to talk. She knew this year was hard, but she just wanted us to talk to people and have a little social life because we haven’t had it  in a long time . I talked to a couple girls and got some information about them. When we went into the main room everyone was exchanging numbers and interacting with each other. Mrs. Garza was overjoyed  to see students interacting with each other. Her goal was for us to get each other’s number so in the future we can  check on each other, and it worked. I knew three girls after that I didn’t know before, and that was one moment I knew that she cared for us beyond our education.


 She cares for us when it is tough, when we need help, and when we need a laugh about random things.  “She always asks us how our day is going and never forgets to tell us to ask for help”, expressed Freshman Victoria Coronado. 

She was the teacher we knew if everything else in the world was bad, that we can go to her to recharge the positivity”

. She makes my class so fun, and makes me want to do better everyday. I can go into her class with a frown, and come out laughing and smiling like nothing was ever wrong. She makes me want to do better so I can achieve what I want in the future. 


So, thank you for always reminding us that you care and support us. It means a lot more to us then we might show. We appreciate you !