Teacher Spotlight: Mx. Ramirez


Photo taken by Mx. Ramirez.

A Special Thanks to Mx. Ramirez
“I was born in Corpus Christi & I am a former Moody Trojan (Go Class of ‘07!!) I have a bachelor’s degree in History and Mexican American studies, and a master’s degree in Secondary Education,”Mx.Ramirez states in her syllabus.
The history teacher returned to Moody for her first year of teaching, already making a lasting impression on her students who praise her for her ability to make class fun and memorable. She is easily recognized by anyone who steps foot in her classroom as someone who feels passionate about both the subject and the students she teaches.
Jeremiah Arredondo, 11th grader, says that he looks forward to her class because of her empathy and enthusiasm.
“She never fails to put a smile on my face when I need it the most” Serena Gonzalez writes to the Trojan Runner.
Students appreciate her ability to apply several different styles of teaching to her lesson plans. She makes sure that all students have the content presented to them in a way they can understand clearly and in a way they won’t forget. This often includes interactive slideshows and study competitions like debates, Quizizz, and Kahoot. It is obvious that she spends a lot of time planning these lessons but that doesn’t mean that she shies away from random outbursts of fun. It is not uncommon for Mx.Ramirez to play music in the classroom or crack jokes with her students. She makes sure to include her remote learners in all the fun and it gives them a sense of normalcy in a time where we could all use it. She makes it a point to check on her students about school and their personal lives. “She is an amazing teacher. She is always there for us” Marisa Pena.
Meredith Sanchez continued the praise, saying, “She also always tells us she loves us and cares about us, so that’s quite nice. She’s not only an amazing teacher, but an amazing person as well.”
“She’s a great teacher, probably the best I have ever had. She’s cool and young and relates more to us than any other teacher lol. Also, her passion to learn and teach history is amazing because I also share the same passion,” Ryan Martinez.

“[It] makes me appreciate her and all she has done so far this school year,” Jaziel Gonzalez.

Mx. Ramirez partaking in holiday school spirit.
Some students recall a memory during winter when Mx.Ramirez received gifts from her students. They remember her being a bit emotional over the gesture but appreciative as she realized the impact she had on us all in such a short time.
“It was really nice to watch her realize how loved and admired she is by us” Meredith Sanchez.
“She made me remember how much I used to love history and she helped me get that connection again” Serena Gonzalez.
Every student has that one teacher that made them appreciate their time in class and there is no doubt in my mind that Mx.Ramirez was that teacher for so many students and will be for more to come. Thank you Mx.Ramirez for being awesome at what you do and we hope you know just how much you mean to us. Moody is lucky to have you as a teacher and we thank you for choosing us for your first year of teaching and we hope you stick around for many more.