Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. White


Mrs. White assisting a student in class.

Thank You For Everything, Mrs. White!

Amongst all the teachers at Moody High School, Mrs. White has made this difficult year a better one. She has been teaching for seven years, and those seven years have all been at Moody High School. For the majority of the time, she has taught AP U.S. History, but she has also taught on-level U.S. History and World History. Apart from that, she is also a graduate from Moody High School, so her blissful impact towards Moody has been an unforgettable one. 

As a student of her class in the morning, those welcoming “good mornings” sincerely mean a lot. There are times where the morning may be a little gloomy, and those spirited “good mornings” make the gloominess vanish so that the sun can stay for the rest of the day. Mrs. White’s joy is strongly felt, and she is always happy to be teaching. It feels like she gives each of her students a massive hug with her happiness, and that happiness is contagious because it is such an incredible feeling to know teachers want best for their students. Many of her students agree. 

“I always feel very welcomed in the class since she always tells me hello and good morning and even asks me how I’m doing,” expressed junior Ruby Villareal.

It is such a great blessing to have teachers like Mrs. White. As stated, this year has definitely been challenging, but that has not diminished Mrs. White’s courage to help her students. A screen has not placed a barrier between her will to conquer this school year. Her devotion to succeed has proven stronger, and the journey in her class has been one that will never be forgotten. Truly, Mrs. White is such a great inspiration, and she has definitely made a marvelous impact on Moody and this wonderful world. She cherishes all of her students, and Mrs. White, you are dearly cherished. 

Every year is a roller coaster, so when asked what Mrs. White has gained from her first year of teaching to now, she responded, “I have learned so much from my 1st year teaching (even though teaching in a pandemic has felt like my first year all over again!) to now, but I would say that the best thing I’ve gained in these years is invaluable experiences seeing my students succeed in the classroom and beyond. I keep in touch with so many of my students once they’ve graduated and it is so special for me to see all that they accomplish and all that they are doing for their communities. I have learned that I can set high expectations for my students, hold them accountable to those expectations, and yet still exhibit empathy when needed and create connections along the way.” 

Each morning awaits a new adventure, and history contains endless adventures that are constantly occurring. There has always been fondness for history from my part, and that thrill to learn more history skyrockets when the learning environment is inviting. Each day is history, and Mrs. White outstandingly teaches her students how important history is. History can just be read and told to remember, but Mrs. White has a way of teaching history that is enjoyable. She wants her students to understand the material, and she conquers that because she is absolutely magnificent! 

When asked what Mrs. White’s favorite aspect about teaching is, she stated, “There are so many things I love about teaching. One of my favorite aspects of teaching is that I feel like I am always learning, right along with my students. I love building relationships with my students, seeing them make connections, and employing critical thinking skills. Teaching history is so important because it puts our PRESENT into perspective.”

Mrs. White is a great inspiration to this world. She has a grand heart, and her heart is always giving encouragement. She encourages her students to strive for excellence, and her classroom has great positivity. It is always safe to ask a question in her class, and when something is not understood, Mrs. White helps you understand what it is that you were struggling with. There are times where she has asked the class to share something great that has happened or is being looked forward to, and there is a high level of trust to respond to her questions. She never judges her students, and that is something that I hold dear to my heart because she never radiates negativity. There is always a positive outlook from her part, and that is very appreciated. 

When there are school breaks, Mrs. White always wishes her students safety and the best. Those wishes from her towards her students to be safe and have the best are genuinely heartwarming because her wishes do derive from her heart. The world is in a frightening point right now, but Mrs. White adds her light to diminish the darkness. Thank you for that, Mrs. White! 

As a great inspiration that she is, Mrs. White also has an inspiration. When asked what or who is her inspiration to teach, Mrs. White expressed, “I was inspired to teach by my own experiences in the classroom here as a Moody student (Once a Trojan, always a Trojan!). Mr. Arellano was my APUSH teacher in my junior year and he is a big catalyst for why I made education my career choice. But I would say that while he is what brought me to the classroom, it is my STUDENTS who continue to KEEP me here and inspire me to do better today than the day before. Students have such an impact on their teachers, even if they don’t know it at the moment. I am constantly inspired by my students who overcome challenges and work hard for their education.”

To you, Mrs. White, thank you for everything that you have done! You are appreciated always, and as future years approach, you will always be remembered. You have created such a positive impact on my life and many others, and I truly wish you all the best. I wish that all that greatness that you have given to this world is returned to you in a larger amount, and just like your students inspire you, you inspire us.

Sincerely, there are endless words to express how thankful I am to have been your student, and although it is a saddening feeling to know the journey in your class is coming to an end, the brighter side is that you helped your students reach senior year. Now, college awaits, and as memories occur down the lane, I am going to say, “When I was a junior in high school, I had an amazing teacher named Mrs. White that cared for her students and always wished them the best. Oh, how I would love to be a junior again, but at least I have the lovely memory of Mrs. White!” 

Once again, thank you! You are a gem to this world that is always appreciated, and I wish you have an amazing Teacher’s Appreciation Week. May all the best be granted your way!