A (Not) So Close Look in the Life of a Moody HS Student During Covid-19


Nicholas Garza

Distance markers in the hallway

During the Covid-19 pandemic at Foy H. Moody High School, the  administrators are taking the CDC recommendations very seriously to ensure  the safety and comfort of the students attending school face to face. Here is a quick look at how the students adapted to these new rules and  regulations that have been set in place by the school.

Distance markers in the hallway (Nicholas Garza)


This year definitely won’t be like prior years. This year started off with all students learning online which was difficult for some and not so much for others. Students are now put on a hybrid schedule where they are assigned face to face days during the week. They have gold and blue days, for  example, people on the blue team will come Monday, Wednesday and  Friday while people that are on the gold team will come Tuesday and  Thursday. The days that each team attends is switched every week. 


 In classrooms, you’ll see students being socially distanced and  keeping up with their work on computers instead of paper. There have  been some changes as more students attend school face to face. In  some classrooms, protective shields have been placed on desks, and  the same goes for the cafeteria on every lunch table. One student is  allowed per table if they are eating, while if you are not eating you are allowed two per table.


Many students have still tried to enjoy the school  year as much as possible by participating in extracurricular activities. A student from the freshmen football team shares his opinion on wearing face masks while “The practice wasn’t hard, it was just the masks were annoying and they made it hard to breathe. Games were a little more hard on the field because of the mask we had to wear, ”said

freshman Johnny Garza.

12th grader, Jordan Silva working in art class (Nicholas Garza)

No matter what changes have been made this year, it’s clear to see  that the students at Foy H. Moody High School have adapted to these  new rules and regulations like strong Mighty Trojans.