Death Mysteries Behind Hollywood

Hollywood, a place where dreams come true in the fame world. The fame is handed to you just like that in a second, and that fame lingers on for years. The thing is that there might be consequences from that. There’s mysteries that show something sinister behind it all. A sinister involvement with death. Even a place that seems as great as Hollywood where one knows everybody, slowly ticks away to knowing nobody. 


As along the lines the saying goes, “There’s always something behind it all.”


There are  many death mysteries in Hollywood that lead to the question: Why is it always a shuddering mystery? Marilyn Monroe is the perfect example. She’s one of the most known from Hollywood history throughout time. Her death at age 36, being unexpected, of an overdose at her Los Angeles home on August 5, 1962, according to the information from The mystery comes in with the theory that it was suspected that she was murdered by President Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy since she had a supposed involvement with them. That theory lead to nowhere since there was no evidence to support it.


Another figure from Hollywood history throughout time is Natalie Wood, an actress who appeared in remarkable films as in West Side Story, Rebel Without A Cause, etc. Her death was unexpected as well, at age 43 on November 29, 1981, when she went on a boat trip with her husband, actor Robert Wagner, and co-star, Christopher Walken, and had drowned. According to, there was an investigation due to the bruises she had on her body. The mysterious cold end of this all is that she had a fear of water. 


According to, before Wood died, she had said, “I’ve always been terrified, still am, of water.”


What an eerie thing to say, especially when her death consisted from her fear.


As the years go by, things change as in who the figures of the world are. One of those figures being Tupac Shakur, whose legacy is still making an impact to this day. His death, at age 25 on  September 13, 1996, was one that was shocking to the world. According to, he was in a car heading his way to a club gig when he was shot four times in a drive-by shooting on September 7, 1996. The supposed murderer of Tupac was by the name of Orlando Anderson, who was involved in a fight with Tupac hours before his death. That of course led to a suspicion, but Anderson claimed to have never killed Tupac. Anderson never had the charges of the murder of Tupac in his name. To this day, Tupac’s assasination is a mystery that hasn’t been solved in the Hollywood world.


Prince, too from Hollywood and the music industry, made an impact. Dying on April 21, 2016 at age 57, his death came to be known as an accident. He accidently overdosed on so called fentanyl, which is concluded that he might have been using as a painkiller since he suffered from hip pain, according to The mystery is that no one knows how he received it. There was an investigation as to whether he had been prescribed painkillers in a sense, but no final answer has been given. Two doctors, by the names of Dr. Michael T. Schulenberg and Dr. Howard Kornfeld, were investigated. Schulenberg arrived at Prince’s house with test results, since he had been treated, to only find Prince dead. There was then a search warrant for the medical history of  Prince. 


Kornfield, an addiction specialist, was to treat Prince. His investigation came in when his son, Andrew, arrived at Paisley Park with a substance that he was not authorized to give, all according to The investigation closed with no furthermore knowing to what truly happened. His death is just another mystery in the so called Hollywood world.


These are only a few cases from what is known to be Hollywood mysteries. Maybe occurrences they could be, but knowing that there are many cases like these, it’s eerie. Hollywood is just a place that one doesn’t know how it truly works until they’re there. Possibly joy is brought to have arrived far at such a place, but that farness will soon lead to shortness. 


They’re death mysteries behind Hollywood.