Picture Day


It’s only the second week of school so we understand if you don’t know everything going on around campus. However, there is one super important event is coming up that we need you to know about: picture day! All students present during their social studies class will need to be photographed. This is the only picture day scheduled, though retakes will be announced at a later date. 

Make sure to wear your best clothes and fix your hair the way you like because this is the picture that will go on your student ID.

What is a student ID? I’m glad you asked. A student ID is a small card with your information on it. It tells people your grade, ID number, and name. For some students, this is the only form they have.  It helps you get ready for college or university by teaching to get used to having to carry some type of identification. In college, you will have to show your ID to everyone: the librarians, the security guards, the people that work in exam registration.

You’re probably saying, “but college isn’t for another couple of years, why do I need one right now?” It may be a couple of years for you but some seniors are planning on going to community classes the second the year ends. You may not think you need a student ID but I guarantee you’ll want one after you find out how much you can save on everyday things. You can save when you buy a ticket to a high school sports game. If you ride the bus to or from school,you can save on bus fare and even if it doesn’t seem like a lot, it adds up in the long run. Places like the Harbor Playhouse and the Art Museum of South Texas offer a discount as well. Even if you don’t do any of these things, you can still save money at your favorite clothing store ,too. Places like Pacsun and Forever 21 offer discounts to any student that flashes their ID.