An orchid in social situation

An orchid in social situation

Reality is scary.

People judge my identity.

I’m still learning who I am.

I wish people got to know me.


My phone is my escape from this reality.

Hiding behind technology makes a barrier.

How am I supposed to put my phone down?

If I put my phone down and talk to people,

Would they accept me?


I am a kind, considerate, silly, loud and fun girl.

Sometimes I get mad.

People see me yell and curse.

They see me as a mean and grumpy person.

After my temper tantrums, I should try to show

them my cheerful side too.


My name is Oxiriss but they call me Iris.

Orchids have different color and I have different personalities.

I see myself as an orchid, others see me as an Iris.

I hope that they accept me for who I really am and I will let them in my life.